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Oxventure is here for all things table-top from Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra, the massively successful video game channels. We are home to incredible table-top campaigns from Oxventure D&D to Blades in the Dark, One-Shot Wonder and MORE! Get ready for comedy, chaos and a carefree approach to planning. We’re your table-top pals, ready to whisk you away into whimsical worlds chock full of deadly danger, sweet romance, and breathless adventure. We perform live and in person all over the world and in pre-recorded seasons in the Oxventure studio!

There are multiple seasons of D&D and Blades in the Dark ready for you to dive into now! So what are you waiting for? Join us for chaotic table-top adventures today, only on!

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About Us

Johnny Chiodini avatar

Johnny Chiodini

Johnny Chiodini (they/them) is a games journalist, formerly of Eurogamer, who now publishes on their own channel, Along with the other Oxventurer’s Johnny launched the first episode of Oxventure D&D in September 2017 and has since gone on to be ‘Literally Everyone Else in the World’ for five years and more than one hundred episodes. Johnny also plays as Kasimir, the devious criminal mastermind in Oxventure’s Blades in the Dark.

Andy Farrant avatar

Andy Farrant

Andy Farrant (he/him) founded the Youtube channel Outside Xbox in 2012, along with Jane Douglas and Mike Channell. Since then, they’ve accumulated over 2.6m subscribers and 1.3b views on their gaming lists, let’s plays and general nonsense. In Oxventure D&D Andy plays Corazón de Ballena, Human Pirate Rogue and legitimate aquatic businessman. In Oxventure’s Blades in the Dark Andy is Edvard Lumiere, the eccentric inventor and designer of many of Volisport’s most emotionally unstable automatons.

Jane Douglas avatar

Jane Douglas

Jane Douglas (she/her) likes bad horror movies, good RPGs and physics, which she studied before hanging up her lab coat and extinguishing her high-power lasers in favour of writing words and making videos about games. To that end, she co-founded gaming YouTube channel Outside Xbox in 2012 with fellow Oxventure players Mike Channell and Andy Farrant. For Jane, D&D is the ideal blend of rules, improv and chaotic evil power fantasy. Today, she hosts the weekly Oxventure D&D podcast with Andy Farrant. Prudence, is known for Eldritch Blasting first, and asking questions later.

Mike Channell avatar

Mike Channell

Prior to becoming a YouTuber, Mike Channell (he/him) learnt his craft working on magazines including PC Format and Official Xbox Magazine. Now instead of just writing words, he has to say them as well, which he insists is at least double the amount of work. Mike divides his spare time between being a racing driver, coming up with cunning schemes that will enable him to be a racing driver more frequently and lamenting the fact that he's foolishly spent all his money on being a racing driver. Who needs three whole meals a day anyway?

Ellen Rose avatar

Ellen Rose

Ellen Rose (she/her) is usually found talking about video games and other nerdy things with Luke over on Outside Xtra. However, she can also be found in the Oxventurer’s Guild, dressed up as wood elf Merilwen, who also looks like animals sometimes because Druids rule. When she’s not reminding everyone that she’s playing a neutral character as she grinds enemies to dust, Ellen also enjoys talking to ghosts as Lilith in Blades in the Dark, and thinking up fun new characters to try in future actual play adventures…!

Luke Westaway avatar

Luke Westaway

Luke Westaway (he/him) is best known as one half of Outside Xtra on YouTube. Luke is one-fifth of the Oxventurer’s Guild as Dob, the Half-Orc Bard with a penchant for throwing gold in lakes and fighting the marine life in his lungs! After studying the subtle art of DMing, Luke went on to run two seasons of the hugely successful ‘Oxventure’s Blades in the Dark’ campaign, and has written his own TTRPG: Gravity RIP - a pen-and-paper game about deadly, zero gravity sci-fi racing.